Nicolas Keckl, M.Sc.

Geodesist & surveying engineer

Recently, I finished my master's degree at TU München. Since January 2016, I work at RMK Freising.


: +49-8161-98496-12


: Freising, BY

: +49-160-7835592


Geodesy and Geoinformation

Oct 2013 - Dec 2015

Master's degree

After successfully finishing my Bachelor's degree, I am currently working on my Master's degree. It's in Geodesy, too. The topic of my Master's Thesis is Comparing robotic and anechoic chamber calibrations of GNSS antennas. I chose "Space geodesy" for my specialization subjects. (Grade: 1.53)

Geodesy and Geoinformation

Oct 2010 - Sept 2013

Bachelor's degree

In 2010, I started my studies on Geodesy and Geoinformation at Technische Universität München. My Bachelor's Thesis is on GNSS receiver characterization using zero-baseline test. In 2013, I finished my Bachelor's degree and I passed with merit (Grade: 2.41).


MS Office, MATLAB, MS Windows
PHP, HTML, JavaScript
English, LINUX
Adobe Creative Suite
Chinese language

Work Experience

DB ProjektBau GmbH

Oct 2014 - Dec 2015

Working student / Project engineer

DB ProjektBau is a company in the Deutsche Bahn network and one of Europe's largest project managment office. I work in the field of surveying and planning as a working student. Some of my tasks are

  • Performing in-field surveys (tachymetric, levelling, GNSS)
  • Calculations for railroad infrastructures
  • Several tasks in AutoCAD

Technische Universität München

Jun 2012 - Sept 2015

Supporting scientist

At the chair of geodesy, which is led by Prof. Thomas Wunderlich, I work as student supporting scientist. Some of my tasks are

  • Maintenance of the Institute's website
  • Tutoring for student's exercises
  • Programming of a multi-sensor GUI (Tachymetric, Sounding, GNSS)

Hobbies and other skills


After getting home from work or university, I sometimes love just to hang around and watch TV or surf the internet. But I also have a lot of other interests and hobbies - most of them are outdoors

  • Travel and get to know new places
  • Hiking, geocaching and riding my bicycle
  • Photography, of course
  • Sports (Running, Freeletics, Swimming)


Since 2005, I love to put websites online. Here are some of my recent projects

Other Skills

Besides the ones mentioned above, I want to tell you about other skills I think they are worth to know

  • Driving licence (European licence, class B)
  • Strong knowledge of Photography


I love spending time with my girlfriend, Carola. Additionally, I am member of the following associations

  • 1. FC Deining (sports team)
  • Voluntary fire brigade Deining
  • Kirwaleit Deining e.V. (Tradition & heritage)
  • DVW e.V. (German society for Geodesy)
  • IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

Some photographs

Our class at TUM

Fun at work

Stake out of a dragonboat race track

Railroad survey

GNSS Measurements in the Alps

Hiking during a glacier expedition

VLBI dish at Wettzell

Me and my girlfriend in San Francisco


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